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Potential buyers find it hard to visualise themselves living in a vacant home.  They often think rooms look smaller and overall, the property does not feel inviting as it is just an empty shell. Vacant homes also tend to stay on the market longer and usually the price is reduced. Home staging helps buyers visualise living in your home and create an emotional connection.

We can stage your home from $1000 for bedrooms, lounge, dining and kitchen

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Competitive bidding We have all seen auctions where there are multiple bidders who compete for the purchase in the open forum auction environment. As a Vendor, why not engage an auction strategy which will allow this to happen. When a property is unique and “highly sought after” (therefore low supply and high demand), the auction process will ensure competitive bidding. Conversely, if a property is within the low demand, high supply category, the auction process will allow your Agent to capture the qualified buyers and use the deadline of the auction to transact the sale sooner.
Unconditional Exchange Cash, unconditional. Not subject to finance, building & pest inspection and cooling off period when the property is sold under the hammer. If the property doesn’t sell under the hammer, you are increasing your chances of receiving an unconditional exchange by capturing more qualified purchaser enquiries.